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The HÅG Capisco chair is the utterly unique office task chair that guarantees you a remarkable sitting experience. The multi-award winning chair, created by renowned Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik over 30 years ago, is a timeless classic that's become increasingly relevant because office landscapes and people's growing sedentary habits.
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The moll Champion Compact Desk is the latest addition to the moll family and is the ideal companion for your children.
  • 2 min read
The Satch school backpack incorporates the ergonomic design of innovative trekking backpacks with practical features for the perfect school bag. The padded hip belt sits snuggly around the hips and shifts the weight from the shoulders to the stronger pelvic area. 
  • 1 min read
As children grow, parents often have to change the entire furniture in the kids room. Either the furniture are too small or they're too kiddy-looking. Not so with our range of moll ergonomic children furniture, made in Germany.
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moll desks and chairs are fully adjustable for children from kindergarten to primary school and secondary school. This ensures a comfortable sitting and proper posture especially when kids spend hours at their desks. The adjustment mechanism is user-friendly and safe.
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