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Why Choose the HÅG Capisco Office Chair?

HÅG Capisco

Timeless Classic

HAG Capisco Office Chair


The HÅG Capisco chair is a unique office task chair that guarantees you a remarkable sitting experience. The multi-award winning chair, created by renowned Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik over 30 years ago, is a timeless classic that has become increasingly relevant because office landscapes and people's growing sedentary habits. It is extremely popular for people who have to work from home 

Unrivaled Ergonomics

HAG Capisco Sitting Postures


Sitting for too long in any fixed position is unhealthy; so the HÅG Capisco's revolutionary saddle seat and overall design offer endless ways to vary your posture. Despite its unconventional form, many people are surprised at how comfortable it is.

Whether they choose to use it as a conventional task chair or take full advantage of its incredible versatility. Sit facing forward, sideway, or backward, or use the armrest to recline. Whatever feels most suitable next. The best sitting position is always the next position.

HAG Capisco Chair Stand-Sit Height Adjustable Desk

If you have a height-adjustable desk, it's easy to shift between sitting and half-standing. Inspired by a horseback rider's ability to stay continuously at ease in the saddle, the half standing posture resembles a natural resting position. It's where your lumbar curve is preserved, your hip joints are open, and your muscles are well-balanced and relaxed. This posture eliminates the strain on your back and upper body, often associated with regular sitting. Free to move intuitively, your legs are instinctively engaged, stimulating circulation throughout your whole body.

Durability and Sustainability

The HÅG Capisco is one of the most durable and sustainable chairs around. It was the first office chair ever to be certified with the Nordic SWAN Ecolabel in 2010. 95% of the polypropylene plastic used is recycled mainly from post-consumer plastic waste, making it Europe's best recycled plastic product of 2015. True to Flokk's circular design principles, there is no glue or other harmful substances used. With minimal parts used, it's easy to dismantle at the end of its lifespan.

If your working environment is extra lively and you rarely sit for too long, then the lighter version HÅG Capisco Puls 8010 is a good option, or the HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 with extra seat cushion. It is easy to wipe down and delivers the same dynamic benefits as the original HÅG Capisco chair.

For a healthier, more active sitting experience, the HÅG Capisco is the pioneering design icon that adds extra energy to your workflow.