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Champion Compact Desk: New in the moll Champion family

The ideal children's room is spacious and ergonomic, allowing kids to play and thrive. With shrinking room size, the Champion Compact allows kids’ rooms to be designed for functionality and comfort down to a few square meters.

moll Champion Compact Children Desk

The Champion Compact is highly functional and is ideal for small spaces. It can fit in tight spaces with a width of 86 cm. The compact desk can be easily expanded to a width of 130cm with the Side Top for a larger workspace. With this extension a width of 130 cm is possible.

moll Champion Compact Study Desk

moll Champion Kids Desk

moll Champion Compact Kids Desk with Flexdeck

Additional Storage Capacity for the Kids Room

The Champion Compact study desk can be expanded for more efficient use of space. The Flex Deck Compact, attached to the desk with two brackets mounted on the side panel of the desk, vertically expands the functional utility of the desk. The Flex Deck comes with a magnet board, which can also be used as a whiteboard, four magnets and two shelves. It also comes with corner brackets that act as bookends.

 moll Champion Desk Cable Duct

The moll Champion Compact desk comes with a rear cable duct where power cables can be concealed for safety and to reduce unsightly clutter. 

There is an optional Giant Drawer where all stationery are always within easy reach. With the drawer, the desk offers plenty of storage space without restricting freedom of movement. 

moll Champion Compact Desk with drawer for children

The height of the desk can be easily adjusted at any time with the Comfort Height Adjustment System for a comfortable fit for the growing child. A printed scale on the leg provides a guide for the optimum desk height setting.

The Champion Compact offers the option to change the colour accents on the desk legs. There is also the option to customise the desk further with different colours for the side panels.

moll colour caps

moll kids desk colour caps


The Champion Compact desk, as the name suggests, is basically the Champion in compact form. It is the perfect desk for children as they grow.

moll Compact Desk for Children Study Room