moll Cubic

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  • moll Cubic Mobile Cabinet

    The mobile companion for the Champion

    Fitted with a lockable utensils compartment. The 2 drawers are self-closing, and offer storage space for formats of up to A3. The colour applications on the handles are replaceable, and are included in 8 different colors.

    Dimensions: 43x54x43 cm (width*depth*height)

    Weight: 22.5 kg

    moll – quality made in Germany!



    The mobile container is equipped with a lockable stationery compartment and two sliding drawers (DIN A3). The drawers are equipped with an automatic soft-closing hinge mechanism.

    Cubic as a seat

    With the seat cushion, the Cubic transforms into a mobile stool. The fabric covering is easy to clean and available in many attractive colors.

    mobile pedestal


    The mobile container comes with 8 different color applications for the handles. These are easily replaceable.


    The Seat Pad to Match your moll Cubic

    children cabinet

    When combined with the optional Pad (43x54x4 cm width x depth x height), the moll Cubic pedestal makes a perfect stool. Fabrics can be removed for washing.

    Choose your favourite design and colour to match the desk.

    Pad Red Red
    Pad Blue Blue
    Pad Pink Pink
    Pad Green Green
    Pad Rose Grey
    Pad Wonderland Wonderland
    Pad Galaxy Galaxy

    Product Details

    Two drawers with soft-close slides and a lockable compartment

    Dimensions: Width 43cm x Depth 54cm x Height 42 cm

    Weight: 22.5 kg

    Maximum load: 75 kg


    Wood-based panels: various thicknesses with melamine resin décor coating.

    MDF panels: various thicknesses painted.

    Wood-based materials according to /EN 312/ and /EN 14322/: Formaldehyde class E1 according to test method EN 120 on health impairment in the case of normal, use corresponding to the intended use according to current knowledge.

    Decorative surface: tested for abrasion resistance, stain insensitivity, scratch stress, shock stress, and cigarette glow in accordance with 14322.

    Solid wood panels: painted or oiled in birch, beech, oak, or walnut, tested in accordance with DIN EN 13353 and DIN EN 13017-2.

    FSC Certification: Solid wood as a natural raw material from sustainable forestry ensures responsible use of the raw material wood.

    ABS edge: thermoplastic material with excellent material and utility properties: impact-resistant, mechanically, and thermally highly resilient.

    Colour pigment and topcoat systems: UV-curing water-based coatings and therefore particularly environmentally friendly, tested and certified in accordance with RAL UZ 38