moll Champion Style

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moll Champion Style

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moll Champion

Split Desktop

The Champion study desk features a split desktop: a continuously tiltable desktop panel allowing for different ergonomic angles for drawing, writing or reading - and a flat level working surface for a laptop, books, and stationery. This nifty innovative design is aligned to the needs of the modern student who requires a flexible desktop for working on a laptop in addition to the traditional pen, notepad, and books. 
The new Champion by moll is available in 3 different versions:
  • Champion Front-Up
  • Champion Left-Up

  • Champion Right-Up

The Champion desk provides the perfect ergonomic match whether you're left or right handed. Our recommendation: left-up for right-handed users, right-up for left-handed users, and front-up for everyone.  

Unique tilt position

Pulling on the left button tilts the desktop at an angle, while pulling on the right one lowers it. There are no unwanted gaps between the two panel sections when the desktop is not tilted and this is achieved with a certified TUV-tested childproof mechanism.

Addons: Giant Drawer, Flexdeck, Side Deck

The optional giant drawer provides much needed storage space, reducing clutter on the desktop. It fits neatly under the desk without reducing leg room for the user. If more space is needed, the Champion desk can be extended with the Flexdeck, Side Deck, and Multi Deck.

Colour Choices

The Champion desk comes with a box of colour foils for the leg feet and the matching cover caps for the yoyo height adjustment mechanism: pink, blue, yellow, green, red, black, silver, and white.

Wire Management

The Champion comes with a cable duct where all wires can be safely stored reducing clutter. An optional cover allows the user to completely cover the cable duct, although it's not needed if the desk faces the wall.

Included with every Champion:

Book holder
Magnetic anti-slip ruler
Cable duct
Dimensions: 120x72 cm

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