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    In addition to the known swopper technology, the swopper has high-tech cushioning and a climate-regulating cover for a completely new dimension of sitting comfort - as if on air. The cushioning of the swopper AIR intricately combines five functional layers with an amazing result: feather-light bouncing with breathable, pressure-relieving, heat-regulating sitting.


    Anthracite or titanium, base ring with metal and felt gliders or with universal castors as per DIN EN 12529

    Net structure seat cover

    Colour: silver, stone grey, lime green, ruby red; 100% Polyester
    The AIR Climate seat cover is made of an innovative breathable fabric with network structure for an optimum seat climate.


    SMALL : optimised for persons weighing 40kg to 70kg (On special order request)

    MEDIUM : optimised for persons weighing 60kg to 120kg

    Colour: black.

    Seat height

    Loaded: 42cm to 56cm (Small Spring) and 45cm to 59cm (Medium Spring)

    Unloaded: 47cm to 61cm (Small Spring) and 52cm to 66cm (Medium Spring).

    Spring colour

    As base colour.


    Actual weight: 11kg

    Volumetric shipping weight: 25kg