RH Mereo 220 Antigo Black Leather

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RH Mereo 220 Antigo Black Leather

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The RH Mereo 220 chair is a task chair made in Sweden and designed for the most comfortable sitting experience. It offers unrivalled ergonomics and adapts to your body as if the chair was custom-made.

It boasts the best Swedish ergonomics - the chair mimics your body movements to support your body and relieving pressure on the thighs, stimulating blood circulation and reducing tensions.

The 2PP™ dynamics bring active sitting to life: all you have to do is sit down, adjust the chair to your body and enjoy smooth and frictionless movement, placing you in a perfect work mode, all day, everyday.

  • 2PP™ Active sitting - Modern workplaces are increasingly sedentary. To endure long hours it is essential to be able to move while sitting. Every RH chair is equipped with high technological engineering ensuring you always sit right and move right.
  • Tilt Mechanism - RH is advanced ergonomics made easy. Intuitive adjustments fused with 2PP™ dynamics responds to your slightest movements.
  • Back height & lumbar support - Excellent support for the entire back in upright sitting posture. A distinct waist and curved back with clear lumbar support. The soft curve supports the whole back in an upright posture, giving arms and shoulders freedom to move. The tvedt cushion between the shoulder blades stimulates an open posture, increasing oxygen flow around the body.
  • Controls- User friendly, intuitive shapes and placement make it easy for the user to adjust the chair
  • Adjustable parts include: height of the chair, seat depth, tilt resistance and backrest height. If you choose to upgrade, the armrests and neckrest are also adjustable.
  • Sculpted waterfall seat - RH Mereo is designed to merge with you to provide you with optimal support. the waterfall seat reduces pressure on the thighs and minimises knee movement when tilting. The rear edge is raised to orientate the pelvis in the correct position.


Fabric colours: Also available in fabric upholstery - black, light grey, dark grey, navy blue and royal blue

Armrests: 8T Adjustable Armrests (height & width)

Castors: hard castors for carpeted floors (as standard); soft castors for hard floors

High gas stem option: 4T NPR Silver gas stem (410-550mm); B Silver gas stem

Headrest: RH Mereo Neckrest - intuitively fitted headrest for support and relief

Coat Hanger/Hook: Coat Hook & Coat Hanger are also optional extras. The coat hanger is user-friendly and easy to retrofit. The coat hook is unique for RH Mereo. All accessories connected to RH Mereo are unique, thought through from every innovative and visual angle


Seat height 390-520 mm
Weight: 18.9 kg
Seat: width 480 mm, depth 470 mm (seatslide 100 mm incl. 20 mm in the back)
Backrest: width 470 mm, height 630 mm
Max. user weight: 150kg (23.5 stone)