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RH Logic 400/3559 Elite Ergonomic Office Chair: Fabric Black NEX13

RH LOGIC 400/3559 Elite Ergonomic Office Chair

RH Logic 400 Elite has a large backrest with standard with castors for hard floors and base in black-coloured aluminum. It is enhanced with headrest and armrest. The adjustment controls are easy to understand, reachable, and visible while seated.

The frictionless tilt mechanism is infinitely adjustable and can be locked in chosen position. It is recommended to work with the tilt open to encourage active seating. The adjustable backrest can be independently set at different angles for support in any position.

This model has 20mm extra foam in the seat and back with improved ventilation. It is tested and approved for control room use.


  • FABRIC CHOICE: Nexus black 013 NEX013

  • SEAT RH LOGIC: Seat RH Logic SE213

  • LIFT: Gas stem B black LI231

  • FOOTBASE: Footbase 5X black FB214

  • CASTOR: Castor 65 mm for hard floor CA201


    • Neckrest RH Logic 400 in fabric HR205 - Adjustable in height and depth

    • Armrest 8S Black (Pair) AR2535 - Adjustable in height and width and rotatable

  • Configuration code: 05LF31


Brand RH
Warranty 10 years
Box Dimension 75 x 36 x 67cm
Product Weight 22.8kg
Backrest Height 620mm
Backrest Height Adjustment 650-725 mm
Backrest Width 440mm
Backrest Recline Angle 17°
Back Tilt Angle +7°-14°
Base Diameter 660mm
Armrest Height 215-295mm
Seat Height 430-550mm
Seat Width 465mm
Seat Depth 475mm
Seat Depth Adjustment 400-460mm