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moll Winner - Flex Deck

moll Flex Deck - Winner Desk Shelves System

Add-on item for the moll children desk Winner, Winner Split, Winner Compact.

Please note that the price is only for the Flex Deck add-on item, and does not include the desk.

Multi-functional shelves wall system hung directly on the desk with two brackets. The standard features include a magnetic whiteboard and two shelves. Two aluminum-colored coated book stands prevent objects from falling off at the sides. An optional Utensilo can be attached to the Flex Deck, offering countless options for storing pencils, papers, and odds and ends.

Flex Deck Winner, and Winner Split
Width 116cm - Depth 28cm - Height 63cm - Weight: 16 kg

Flex Deck Winner Compact
Width 86cm - Depth 28xcm - Height 63 cm - Weight 13 kg

moll – quality made in Germany!