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moll T7 Exclusive XL Electric Standing Desk

The moll T7 XL
The moll T7 XL is the larger version of the standard size T7, with a width of 150 cm. It effortlessly integrates into any environment, yet remains striking. This also makes it the ideal desk for children of any age and for adults, too. Whether warm and homey or cool and businesslike, the moll T7 is impressive for its concentration on the essentials

Ergonomics for all body sizes.
The moll T7 XL offers ergonomics for every body sizes. The moll T7 is the only desk that covers the entire height range from seated children to standing adults.

Hight adjustment from 56 to 118 cm. The height adjustment range can be extended with an additional 10 cm adapter.

The easiest height adjustment
The electric-powered motor makes the hight adjustment of the desktop easy for the ideal posture for any activity.

The height adjustment is a two-handed operation and can be locked. The motor stops immediately if there is resistance for safety.

The electric drive may be operated by children older than 8 years, as well as by people with limited mental and physical skills only if they are instructed on the safe use or under adult supervision.

Ideal posture for any activity
The moll T7 XL is more than a children’s desk or a desk that grows with the user through all phases of life. It also works well as a standing desk.

It is mobile, with the castors integrated into its leg runners, and its height-levelling function makes it usable even on uneven floors.

Satisfaction for a lifetime.
The moll T7 XL desk is designed beautifully and timelessly. He receives variability by its interchangeable color inlays and container faces. The character of the desk and container can be adapted at any time to current color trends and personal preferences.

We use resources consciously and take ecological responsibility for our actions. It should also be noted that the moll T7 XL is sustainable due to his technical and design characteristics. The moll T7 XL accompanies the user throughout life. What could have more lasting worth than a desk for use forever.

Even before its market launch the moll T7 XL was nominated for the German Design Award 2016. The Frankfurt-based German Design Council’s design prize represents products that have a seminal role in design landscape.

XL size: 150 x 75 cm
Height adjustment range: 56-118 cm

moll – Quality made in Germany!

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