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HÅG Footring for Capsico & SoFi

HÅG Footring

The HÅG Footring improves comfort by providing a support to rest your feet, mitigating fatigue and stress in the feet, ankles, knees and thighs. For counter-height chairs which is too high for your feet to reach the floor, a footring allows you to rest your feet in an ergonomically correct and comfortable position.

HÅG Footring is compatible with all HÅG chairs.

  • Additional height for the feet to the rest on
  • Excellent solution for foot support for use with high desk
  • Flexibility and variation of seating positions
  • Easily attached and removed from the chair - no tools required
  • Strongly recommended for chairs with the 265mm gas lift
  • Compatible with the office chairs: HÅG CapiscoHÅG Capisco Puls, and HÅG SoFi


HÅG guarantees products against all defects and manufacturing faults for a period of 10 years, excluding fabrics and leather which have a five year warranty. The guarantee does not include any deterioration from 'fair wear & tear'.

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