Affenzahn Small Timmy Tiger

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Affenzahn Small Timmy Tiger

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  • The trendy tiger Timmy thinks about toast with tuna everyday.
    Product code: AFZ-FAS-001-001
    Color: orange
    Dimension: 15x10x25 cm (W/D/H)
    Weight: approx. 200 g
    Volume: approx. 4 liter

    1. Embroidered Details

    Find endearing little differences and loving attention to detail. Each Affenzahn kindergarten backpack is finished by hand, adding an individual touch to each little Affenzahn face.

    2. Pull-out tongue

    Cheeky! Your Affenzahn can stick out its tongue out and reveal the name of its best friend: you! =)

    3. Reflectors

    Is it dark? I can see you! Your Affenzahn kindergarten backpack has refl ectors so that your friends can still find you in the dark.  

    4. Carry Handle

    The Affenzahn kindergarten backpack has a reinforced handle, perfect for hanging on a hook at home, nursery, or kindergarten.

    5. Soft shoulder pads

    Can you give me a lift on your back? The Affenzahn kindergarten backpack is easy for little shoulders to carry with soft and velvety straps covered in velour.

    6. Coloured push-in clips

    Snap and press straps. The Affenzahn chest strap clasp is so easy to open and close. The little coloured clips will help you to open the clasp even faster.

    7. Height-adjustable chest strap

    Hold it right there! The height of the chest strap is adjustable so that the straps will stay on your shoulders and your snack box is kept safe, even on the wildest of adventures.