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Aeris Muvman Industry

The Muvman Industry is ideal for work activities that have to be performed mostly in a standing position. The active standing seat brings the greatest possible ergonomics to the workplace and is specially designed for use in production and assembly as well as in the laboratory, ESD area and also clean room (ESD version).

The Muvman Industry makes it possible to work alternately sitting and standing, relieves the strain on the legs and ensures an upright and forward-leaning working posture that is back-friendly.


Support that keeps you up and active.

muvman industry chair

The adaptable fit with Flexzone Technology ensures good blood circulation all the way to the tips of the toes. The stable base is equipped with anti-slip glides. This gives a secure hold even when moving and protects the floor.

Common Usage

Production. The Aeris Muvman Industry brings the highest level of ergonomics to the production workplace and additionally takes a load off your feet. The multidimensional movement joint in the base allows a far reach in all directions - an essential feature when working in production and assembly. The robust materials (integral foam seat and aluminium base) are easy to clean, safe, and fulfil the highest industrial standards.

Laboratory.With its forward-slanding strut and adaptable seat edge, the Aeris Muvman Industry relieves the back and feet while working in the lab. Incredibly easy to clean, it is the perfect product for use in laboratories. The integral foam seat is compact and resistant to most chemicals and disinfecting agents. The integrated design has no cracks or gaps, which helps to prevent contamination that could spoil lab results.

ESD Workstation. With its conductive comfortable foam, conductive coated aluminium parts, volume-conducive glides and cross-component discharge, the Aeris Muvman Industry ESD prevent electrostatic charging at electronic workstations. This makes it the ideal standing chair for ESD workplaces (Electrical resistance = 106 Ω)

Cleanroom. Its ergonomic features make the Aeris Muvman Industry the production aid of choice for equipping workstations in cleanrooms. It is also electrostatically dissipative and complies with the EN61340-5-1 standard.


  • Comfortable Seat
    • Robust integral foam
    • Compact, seamless design
    • Patented flex zone in the front edge of the seat to relieve pressure
    • Easy to clean
    • Resistant to chemicals and cleaning agent
    • Integrated seamless handle
    • Robust aluminium
  • Strut with turn-back function
    • 4-degree forward tilt for ergonomic working posture
    • Wide height range
  • Rubber joint for a wide range of motion and reach in all directions
  • Base
    • Three arms for safe and stable support
    • Robust aluminium
    • Anti-slip pads in TPU