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More about the swoppster


Pretty clever: plenty of movement


Nowadays children are spending much too much time sitting still doing homework, at the computer and in front of the television. The swoppster was designed specially for children's great need for movement at kindergarten and primary school ages. Thanks to its 3D technology it can actively prevent bad posture and back problems.

Movement is also important for brain maturation, i.e. for the intellectual development of a child. The swoppster helps here through more movement to improve the circulation of the blood and thus increase the supply of oxygen to all parts of the body. This makes the children more attentive and concentrated. And it's a lot of fun too!

How does the swoppster work?

Children should and want to move a lot. Because movement supports the children's development in body and mind. And this is precisely where the swoppster- the new active 3D children's seat - comes into effect.

It brings back movement into children's everyday life - into sitting! It enables healthy active sitting from the very beginning. With its unique feature of movement in three dimensions, the swoppstersupports and encourages children's natural urge to move. On the swoppsteryour child does not get a humped back from sitting. The flexible sideways movements of the swoppsterpermit the active seat to adapt itself to the child's movements and not vice versa. Thus your child's back keeps straight even when it is playing, painting or working at its desk. And sitting in motion also enhances concentration.

  • Convex seat: Flexible and adaptable seat which prevents pressure points on the underside of the thighs
  • Height adjustment: easy to reach directly under the seat. Each child can set her own favourite sitting position between 32 and 47.5cm
  • Up-and-down movement: The vertical movement is the unique movement in the third dimension made possible by the aeris 3D spring technology. The vertical movement can be adjusted to suit each user's weight. This relieves the intervertebral discs, stimulates blood circulation, thus ensuring optimum supply of oxygen to all parts of the body.
  • 3D movement element: This allows movement backwards and forward and to either side, with unrestricted flexibility and encourages constant change of posture. This feature is adjustable according to the weight and the need for movement of each child.
  • Stable foot ring: Robust and supplied with castors and fixed feet.

A seat that makes you move, in a natural way!

The underlying concept of the 3D ergonomics of theswoppsteris as simple as it is ingenious: the chair follows the movement of the child and not vice versa. The result: natural sitting, controlled movement up and down combined with posture-optimising movement sideways, backwards and forwards.



1. Vertical Movement

The vertical movement is the unique movement in the third dimension made possible by the sprung 3D technology fromaeris. The vertical movement can be independently adjusted according to each sitter's weight. This relieves the intervertebral discs, stimulates the blood circulation and thus ensures optimum supply of oxygen to all parts of the body.


2. Flexible sideways movement

Harmonious 3D movements with a wide sideways reach increase the radius of action and optimise the natural posture at the same time. In addition, each change of position activates the blood circulation which in turn can increase the power of concentration.

3. Tilt

The 3D joint located close to the ground provides for a natural forward tilt as soon as the child makes a move towards the desk. The result: the child's back keeps straight, it breathes deeply and its blood circulation is stimulated.

Innovation over convention

The innovative concept of 3D ergonomics has set new benchmarks for children's chairs. Whereas the 3D technology from aerisencourages active movement and thus enhances children's health, many conventional children's chairs lead to lack of movement and bad posture. Here are the highlights of the swoppster technology at a glance.

  • The 3D mechanism enables intuitive multidirectional movement in three dimensions of the complete seat surface.
  • The convex shape of the seat avoids sitting in a rigid seat pan which leads to pressure points and a hunched back. It encourages an upright sitting position. This is good for the child's posture, breathing and supply of oxygen.
  • Full vertical bounce in a range of about 10cm which can be set individually to provide natural up-and-down movements just as when running.
  • 3D movement element with pivotal point directly on the floor, which permits flexible sideways movement of up to 15°. The distance between the seat surface and the desk changes individually (decreases) and thus prevents "hunchback posture", "sitting on the edge" and fidgeting.
  • Armrests have been purposely omitted, because they restrict natural movement. 
  • Continuous, intuitive adjustment for each child's height, weight and individual need for sideways movement.

Good marks for the swoppster!

Scientifically proven: sitting still is makes you ill, sitting in motion keeps you fit and healthy. A study conducted by the University of Saarland's Institute of Biomechanics in cooperation with the German Federal Working Group for the Promotion of Posture and Movement has confirmed that "the children's swopperenables active-dynamic sitting in an excellent way".

Swopping keeps you healthy and happy.

The swoppster enables more movement than any other seat. This in turn helps straighten the upper part of your child's body, free the diaphragm and stimulate the circulation. This is not only healthy, but is also a lot of fun.

The swoppster strengthens your child's back.

The 3D active seat for children supports and encourages constant change of posture through its flexibility in sideways movements and vertical bounce. This strengthens muscles, makes the back strong, is good for posture and prevents back problems.

Swopping makes you clever. 

Movement underlies brain maturation. It encourages neuronal networking and thus boosts the potential for the child's mental development. The continuous, rhythmic movement on the swoppster improves the blood circulation and therefore the supply of oxygen to the body and brain. This makes the children more attentive and concentrated.