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Aeris Swopper with Backrest: Castors, Light Grey Metallic

      Give your back pleasure, not pain.

      swopper white

      The chair’s unique ability to move up and down simulates the spine’s natural compression when walking or running. By sitting this way, your back muscles and intervertebral discs are kept nourished and fit - instead of collapsing on a backrest.

      Workout instead of burnout – without sweating.

      If your body can move freely, you can breathe more deeply. This stimulates circulation and metabolism. You’ll feel fitter and more alert and burn more calories.

      No more hunched back at your desk.

      swopper no hunched posture

      The chair’s pivotal joint, which is close to the ground, and the spring ensure that with every movement your whole body will move. Even if you lean forward – to read a brochure on the benefits of the Aeris Swopper for example – your back will stay straight without any extra effort on your part.


      Adjust it to your height continuously


        Stable footring


          Adjust it to your body weight: the spring tension and vertical sideway movements are individually adjustable to your body weight


            Convex seat: flexible and adaptable seat prevents vascular congestion on the underside of your thighs

              Soft, breathable and functional seat: special high-tech cushioning with new climate-active cover for extra-soft sitting comfort; five perfectly matching functional layers provide breathable pressure-relieving and heat-regulating seating

                Swopper Technical Data

                Fabrics Overview

                Wool Blend (Capture Gabriel)

                Seat Material Composition: 85% New Zealand wool, 15% polyamide

                Abrasion resistance: 200,000 Martingale

                Breathable: yes

                Fire resistant: yes

                Microfibre (Comfort Gabriel)

                Seat Material Composition: 88% polyester, 12% polyurethane incl. anti-static and fire-retardant fibres on the inside

                Abrasion resistance: 150,000 Martingale

                Breathable: yes

                Fire resistant: yes

                Mesh Fabric (Runner Gabriel)

                Seat Material Composition: 100% polyester

                Abrasion resistance: 70,000 Martingale

                Breathable: yes

                Fire resistant: yes

                Artificial Leather (Uruguay, Elastron)

                Seat Material Composition: Supports - 80% polyester, 20% cotton; Surface - 100% polyurethane

                Abrasion resistance: 100,000 Martingale

                Breathable: no

                Fire resistant: yes

                Artificial Leather (Stamskin, Serge Ferrari)

                Seat Material Composition: Supports - polyamide; Multi-layer compound - PVC

                Abrasion resistance: 120,000 Martingale

                Breathable: no

                Fire resistant: yes

                Antibacterial: yes

                Artificial Leather (Atlantic, Heller-Leder)

                Seat Material Composition: 100% leather

                Abrasion resistance: -

                Breathable: no

                Fire resistant: yes