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moll Tower 64

moll Tower 64 is a smart storage system that optimizes space in small corners with its unique rotating base. It is customizable according to individual requirements to store books, A4 binders, toys, and even trophies.

The moll Tower 64 is built on a low-noise rotating base with soft clamping protection. This swivel function enables convenient access to every shelf. An elegant feature is integrated handlebars for easy turning and to secure the contents of the shelves. Additional adjustment leveler on the base enables the rotating shelf to be perfectly aligned, even on uneven floors.

Furthermore, the moll Tower 64 impresses with its individual and flexible compartment division, which ensures space-saving storage of books, toys, or A4 folders. The optional moll baskets bring additional color and order to the shelf.

With its modular design, the moll Tower 56 can be extended to meet requirements for extra storage space.

The base of the tower has a total height of 67 cm and can be increased to 125 cm through the construction. The practical swivel function has a diameter of 64 cm, with a considerable reduction in the required floor space compared to conventional shelves.

moll, quality Made in Germany.

Width: 56 cm
Depth: 56 cm
Height base: 66.15 cm
Height with structure: 124.75 cm

Colour: white

Load capacity: total up to 50 kg; up to 2 kg per shelf

Materials: melamine resin-coated wooden panels