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Variable standing/sitting seat.

Optimally suited for height-adjustable working surfaces/high desks/counters etc. – for people weighing up to 120 kg.

Greatest comfort for sitting and standing.

Today, every other workplace is a standing workplace. The hours of standing day in, day out are strenuous and even painful. That is why aeris developed the muvman. An active seat for standing/sitting whose well-designed ergonomics not only counteracts impairments to health, but also actively boosts productivity through an optimised workplace configuration.

This is made possible by the patented muvzone, a movable joint in the baseplate of the muvman, which adapts the tilt angle of the spring strut automatically to the posture and movement of the user. A new benchmark is also set for standing/sitting by the continuously adjustable height and the innovative seat with flexzone®technology for optimum sitting comfort without pressure points and by the inherent stability of the muvman.



Microfibre cover: highest quality. Branded microfibre with premium properties: attractive, good feel, breathable and easy to clean. Very robust: abrasion resistance = 150,000 Martindale rubs. 88 % Polyester, 12 % Polyurethane.

Sitting height:

normal: 51 – 84 cm

high: 60 - 93 cm


Diameter of base: 38 cm

Seat surface: 34cm x 32cm


Actual weight 6.30 kg

Volumetric shipping weight 30 kg