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HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 Sea Green Plastic, White Metal, Turquoise Fabric

HÅG Capisco Puls Ergonomic Office Chair

When you sit in a HÅG Capisco Puls chair it comes to life. Answering to your slightest move, the HÅG inBalance® intuitively keeps you in a balanced position and in continuous flowing tilt motion. You will always feel free in a HÅG chair. It is ideal for today's dynamic and open workplaces where people regularly change working positions to adjust from solitary working, to team sessions, meetings and more. The HÅG Capisco Puls chair is always part of the daily action. It facilitates working close to your desk or engaging with colleagues — turning towards someone, leaning backwards, sitting sideways or switching chairs with a colleague.

Adjustable Height

The HÅG Capisco Puls 8020 adds fun and excitement to your office. The saddle seat comes with a cushion for improved comfort and is adjustable from a low sitting to a sit-stand position for a more dynamic and balanced posture. Say goodbye to backaches from long working sessions at your desk!

Foot Support

The foot base allows for a comfortable way to vary the position of your feet. 

Saddle Seat

The unique shape of the seat inspires movement and new dynamic seating positions. Seat cushion offers improved comfort.

Adjustment Features

  • Seat height (46-64 cm range with the 200 mm gas lift)
  • Seat depth 
  • Back height
  • Backward tilt tension
  • Lockable tilt
  • Headrest (optional)



HÅG provides a ten-year guaranteeagainst production defects on all office chairs that are in normal use.

Technical Details

Colour Plastic: Black PL100
Colour Metal: Black MC011
Lift: 200 mm LI002
Foot base: aluminum G3 FB034
Castor: black, 50 mm, for hard floors (wooden, ceramic, or marble), braked unloaded CA005
Fabric: Seat 8020 Turquoise Nexus NEX10

Shipping Information

The HÅG Capisco chairs are shipped in the original factory box or delivered fully assembled on request (only for Singapore addresses).

Box dimension: 74 x 25 x 68 cm
Box weight: 11.6 kg

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