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moll Winner Split Desk

moll Winner Split Economic Kids Desk

Modern ergonomic kids desks have adjustable tabletop surfaces that can be tilted for a relaxed posture when performing a wide range of activities – from reading to painting to writing. With the new Winner Split, the desktop can literally be "split", with a tiltable tabletop and a fixed tabletop.

The tilting desktop can be set either on the right or left. The fixed tabletop is used as a storage surface where important items are within reach.

For left-handers, the tiltable tabletop is installed on the right because they can reach pencils and other utensils with their left hand intuitively and comfortably.

For right-handers, it is the reverse. A flexible cover between the table surfaces prevents objects from falling between the gap, ensuring privacy and safety.



Width 116 cm, with the tiltable desktop of 76 cm wide

Depth 70 cm

Height 53-82 cm

Weight 39 kg

Accessories included: book holder, magnetic anti-slip ruler, bag hook 

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