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ergobag Pack School Bag 6-piece Set Beargasus Glow Edition

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ergobag Ergonomic School Bag

ergobag is the multiple award-winning school bag in Germany, redefining the concept of the ergonomic school bag.

Advanced backpack technology in outdoor gear allows mountaineers to carry heavy loads in unfriendly environments for long hiking trips. Imagine applying the same technology to build the perfect school bag to protect your child’s back. 

Our star school bag incorporates the latest innovation in high performance trekking backpacks with all the nifty features of a school bag.

Ergonomic Design

ergobag sits comfortably tight on the back: The padded waist strap comfortably hugs the hips and can be optimally adjusted even to children of a small build.

Up to a quarter of the backpack weight is shifted from the shoulders to the more stable and stronger pelvic area, reducing the load stress on the shoulder muscles and the spine. The adjustable chest strap is comfortable and prevents the bag from swinging sideways when energetic children rush home after school.

All ergobag school backpacks follow the principle of optimal load distribution, universal ly applied in premium gears designed for professional hikers for years.

The back panel (5) is stabilized by the ergonomic aluminum rails, orthopaedically-shaped for children of primary school age. It is adjustable to the back length (4) of the student. The waist flaps should be tightened and is important in reducing the strain off the back and to shift the weight to the stronger pelvic area.

The chest strap (3) is also adjustable to the height of the student to position the shoulder straps comfortably.

The Ergonomic Principles

1. Ergonomic aluminum rails that are orthopaedically-shaped
2. Waist strap with padded flaps
3. Height-adjustable chest strap
4. Continuous adjustment of the shoulder strap to the length of the back
5. Breathable back padding
6. Compression side straps to bring the weight closer to the back to reduce gravity pull.

Manufacturer's Warranty

ergobag backpacks come with a two-year international warranty. 

Get an additional one year warranty by posting a picture of your new bag on social media and tag us:
Facebook: ergokid
Instagram: @ergokid
Google: ergokid