moll Maximo

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moll Maximo

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  • moll Maximo Chair

    The moll Maximo is the de facto definition of an ergonomic kid's chair. Often referred to as "the chair that grows with your child", it is fully adjustable in height and depth, making it suitable for kids of different sizes and shapes.

    • - Maximum back support with the oscillating backrest
    • - Ergonomically shaped seat and backrest cushion
    • - Starbase for maximum stability and safety
    • - Washable covers that can be changed
    • - Turn stop feature to disable swivel function
    • - Secret compartment under the seat
    • - Universal castors suitable for both hard and soft floors with brakes
    • - Fixed glides are available as an alternative to castors.
    • - Rugged and safe, with a load of up to 80 kg
    • - For user height of approx. 110 - 195 cm

    If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, the moll Maximo chair is the most admired children ergonomic chair. moll is of course the original.

    The Maximo allows for the right adjustment for anyone

    moll Maximo chair for children table

    The kid's chair and desk complement each other. However, proper sitting posture is only possible when both can be flexibly and intuitively adjusted to the growing kid's body proportions. With the Maximo, adjusting the seating depth, seating height, and backrest is easy. There is even a measurement scale for precision adjustment.

    Operating seat lever for seat height adjustment



    A lever to adjust the depth of the seat pan


    Control button for backrest height adjustment


    Width 68 cm
    Depth 68 cm
    Height 28-54 cm
    Weight 13 kg

    Adjustment options:

    Seat height adjustment
    Seat depth adjustment
    Backrest adjustment
    Turn stop for swivel lock

    Adjusting the chair is easy

     moll the original


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